Fri to Sun04 to 06 Jan--ECARally Clarence Yard-
Fri to Sat18 to 20 Jan--ECARally Clarence Yard
Fri to Sun08 to 10 Feb--ECARally Port Solent-
Fri to Sun22 to 24 Feb--ECARally Port Solent-
MARCH 2019
Fri to Sun08 to 10 Mar--ECARally Hasler-
Fri to Sun22 to 24 Mar--ECARally Hasler-
APRIL 2019-
Saturday06-Apr13064.7ESSCPassage to Cowes-
Saturday06 to 07 Apr13064.7ECARally Portchester-
Sunday07-Apr13484.7CCRCCowes Return Passage-
Thursday18-Apr--HISCSundowner Early No.11855
Fri to Mon19 to 21 Apr--ECARally Island Harbour-
Thursday25-Apr--HISCSundowner Early No.21855
Saturday27-Apr18273.8CCRCBay Race1100
Sunday28-Apr19413.7CCRCBay Race1100
MAY 2019
Saturday04-May12134.5ESSCPassage TBA-
Sat to Mon04 to 06 May--CCRCPassage to Hamble1100
Sat to Sun04 to 05 May--ECA-EYHRally Bembridge-
Sat to Sun04 to 05 May--MRSCRally to CYC-
Thursday09-May15314.5HISCSundowner Early No.31855
Thursday16-May22564.8HISCSundowner Early No.41855
Saturday18-May12004.8BSCNab Tower Race-
Sat to Sun18 to 19 May--CCRCPassage Yarmouth1100
Sat to Sun18 to 19 May--ESSCPassage Lymington
Thursday23-May15314.5HISCSundowner Early No.51855
Sat to Mon25 to 27 May--ECARally Littlehampton-
Sat to Mon25 to 27 May--CCRCPassage Cowes1900
Thursday30-May22004.2HISCSundowner Early No.61855
JUNE 2019
Thursday06-Jun14354.7HISCSundowner Early No.71855
Saturday08-Jun16204.6CCRCBay Race1100
Sunday09-Jun17174.5CCRCBay Race1030
Thursday13-Jun21354.5HISCSundowner Late No.11855
Sat to Sun15 to 16 Jun--ESSC/ESCPassage Yarmouth-
Sat to Sun15 to 16 Jun--CCRCPassage Marchwood1030
Sat to Sun15 to 16 Jun--ECARally Gunwharf-
Thursday21-Jun18514.3HISCSundowner Late 11900
Thursday20-Jun19524.0HISCSundowner Late 21855
Saturday22-Jun15474.4ESSCPassage Beaulieu-
Sat to Sun22 to 23 Jun--MRSCRally Hardway SC-
Sunday23-Jun16274.3ESSCBeaulieu Return-
Saturday29-Jun09314.1CCRCCross Channel Race-
Thursday28-Jun19524.0HISCSundowner Late No.31855
Sat to Sun29 to 30 Jun--ESSCPassage to Bucklers hard-
Sunday30-Jun10224.3MRSCBay Race
JULY 2019
Thursday04-Jul13314.7HISCSundowner Late No.41855
Sat to Sun06 to 07 Jul--ESSC/ECAPassage Yarmouth-
Thursday11-Jul19484.3HISCSundowner Late No.51855
Sat to Sun13 to 14 Jul--ESSCPassage TBA-
Saturday13-Jul10454.2MRSCSeaview BBQ-
Thursday18-Jul13304.5HISCSundowner Late No.61855
Sat to Sun20 to 21 Jul--ESSCPassage TBA-
Thursday25-Jul18054.0HISCSundowner Late No.71855
Sat to Sun27 to 28 Jul--MRSCRally/Race Cowes Folly-
Thursday01-Aug12214.8HISCSundowner Late No.8 - Final1855
Saturday10-Aug07473.9MRSCNab Race-
Sunday11-Aug09153.9MRSCBBQ East Head
Sat to Sun17 to 18 Aug--MRSCRally Bembridge YC-
Sat to Mon17 to 19 Aug--ECARally Brighton-
Saturday31-Aug12505.1ESSCCruiser Regatta Bay Race-
Sunday01-Sep12505.1CCRCBay Race1100
Saturday07-Sep18384.0CCRC/CYCBay Race1100
Sunday08-Sep19463.8CCRCBay Race1100
Sat to Sun14 to 15 Sep--ESSC/ESCPassage TBA-
Sat to Sun14 to 15 Sep--CCRCPassage Lymington1100
Fri to Sun13 to 15 Sep--ECARally Cowes-
Sat to Sun14 to 15 Sep--MRSCRally Ryde-
Saturday21-Sep16394.1CCRCBay Race1100
Sunday22-Sep17503.9CCRCBay Race1100
Sat to Sun28 to 29 Sep--ESSC/ESCPassage Alternative-
Saturday05-Oct17084.2HISCSparkes Trophy Bay Races1100
Saturday05-Oct17084.2MRSCRally Chichester Marina-
Sunday06-Oct18053.9HISCNab Cup Bay Races1100
Sat to Sun12 to 13 Oct--ESSCPassage Portsmouth-