Originating with four clubs in 1924, the Chichester Harbour Federation has grown to a total of 35 harbour organisations, representing the major users of the harbour. The Federation plays a prominent role in the management of Chichester Harbour and also in organising Fed Week, one of the most popular dinghy regatta weeks, attracting in excess of 300 entries each year.

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FED Latest News 2014 . . .

Friday, Final Day of Fed Week 2014

The last day of Chichester Harbour FED Week 2014 and a complete contrast from Monday with a light breeze swinging from 280 around to 020 before the race officers were a able to set a course and start racing 25 minutes late. However, as seems to have been the trend for this year’s Fed Week, the wind swung back to 320 and the beats became reaches and the reaches became beats and the wind all but died, thankfully giving a second breath, allowing every one to finish . . .

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Thursday, Day 4 of Fed Week 2014

Again the forecast was positive, SW force 4 but there were some ominous black clouds rolling around, the worst of which thankfully passed to the north of the harbour. The week of sunshine and squalls continues. At the start is was blowing a solid 18 knots with gusts over 20. Shortly after the Laser start a big black thunder cloud over the south downs sucked the wind from 240 to 290 and first the wind increased and then died before settling back at about 270 and a steady 15 knots.

In Series C under pressure to make up for the early part of the week the Race officer amalgamated all fleet starts to give opportunity to run not only race 7 & 8, but an additional race afterwards. In the Teras ben Batchelor took Race 7, with Freddie Woods second, Freddie clocking a first in Race 8, and now leading the series. In the Optimists Finley Dickinson leads, but it could all change with the hope of another three races Friday.

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Wednesday, Day 3 of Fed Week 2014

After a difficult two days both race team and competitors were looking forward to more manageable conditions Wednesday - with a forecast of less wind of 14 to 17 knots but from north of west . . . More competitors arrived to boost the entry and all seemed set for a truly classic Fed Week race in the Regatta. . . Results are now posted

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Tuesday, Day 2 of Fed Week 2014

A reduced fleet of Series B competitors started this year’s Federation Week racing first, with Race 1 delayed form Monday due to the ‘Bertha effect’. With slightly less wind than Monday, but still giving signs of stronger gusts to come later in the day, a west south-westerly wind of around 19 knots, allowed the Race Officers of both Series A and B to share a windward mark, with Series A scheduled to start after Series B were finished.

The intention was to complete racing for all series before the tide was on the ebb. By the time there was sufficient water for Series C the wind had already increased to levels to preclude any racing for a second day. This will leave all nine races for Series C to be run over the next three days.

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